Friday, August 6, 2010

All Things Android

I've been enjoying all things Android for the past two months with the HTC Evo 4G on Sprint. Having been a smartphone user since WinMo 3, and having skipped the iPhone hype due to a severe distaste for all things arrogant, moving into Android has been quite an experience, indeed.

I will say that being a computer/gadget geek definitely helps with the transition into Android, but it's not necessary. I could see the average user moving into Android with little or no problem. Used a computer before? Then Android will make sense. Never used a computer? That's okay too. It'll still make sense, only there'll be a tiny bot of a learning curve as you would with any smartphone. These are SMARTphones, afterall.

The phone I had prior to the Evo was the beautiful and under-appreciated Palm Pre with WebOS. I absolutely loved that phone, but the lack of development for WebOS (it's all about getting apps, right?) and the uncertain future (this was prior to HP's purchase of Palm) led me to flee the platform and move onto what I felt was the best hope for openness, free-market capitalism, and altogether awesomeness. That led me to Android.

It appears that I wasn't the only one. Year to date, Android has grown over 800% in the number of people buying Android phones. Apparently ,by 2012, Android will overtake Apple in total number of smartphones. The big loser here: RIM. The big winner here: Consumers. Android is available on all kinds of phones, from legitimate phones made by companies like Motorola and HTC and even companies in China who make cheap (and sometimes actually decent) knock-off's of popular mainstream phones. What this does is make Android available no matter where you look, no matter what hardware manufacturer you prefer, or regardless of your carrier. It also makes moving things from one Android phone to another at upgrade/change time more convenient. Epic win.

Have you made the change to an Android phone? If so, how do you like it?