Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For The Love of Gadgets

The last gadget I got was the Kindle Fire. I got it on the day they were released, having pre-ordered it months earlier. When I purchased it (or pre-ordered it), I wasn't sure what role the Fire would play in my gadget lineup. I use a netbook, desktop computer, notebook computer (including the old PowerBook I'm writing this on) as well as my 10' gTablet Android tablet. I wasn't sure if a 7' tablet would fill a need I didn't know I had, but fill that need it did. And then some.

I find that I read a lot more now than I have been, even since getting the Kindle e-ink devices. It's not because the screen is easier to read; to the contrary, I still prefer reading on e-ink vs LCD. What it comes down to is the breadth of information I have access to on the Fire in a form factor that is so much easier to wield and handle than a larger tablet, whether it's an Android tablet, or iPad. The form factor just makes sense.

What do I find myself reading besides books? EVERYTHING!!! I read more magazines now, more news, Reddit (via Baconreader), and many more forums using Tapatalk (an Android app). I also find myself watching movies as I sit the Fire on my desk in it's elegant Marware cover. It's a great device that is primarily made for consuming media, and consume media I do!!!